Drivers App Guide

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Step 1 - Download/Update Trip2

To download or update the Trip2 app you have to visit either the Google Play Store if you have an android phone, or the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone.

Once your in the right app store, search for “Trip2” and look for the red steering wheel icon. Click on it to download the app. Or select update to update the app.

Button to download the Trip2 app from the Apple App Store.
Button to download the Trip2 app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2 - Log into the App

Find the app on your device and click on it to open the app. Once the app is open log in with the credentials we sent you via email or text message when you signed up. 

If you forgot your login credentials feel free to call us at (954) 713-7919 and we’ll resend you the credentials.

Step 3 - Go Online

Once you log into the app you’ll see the driver map screen. On the bottom of the screen you’ll see a gray “Go Online” button. Click that button to go online. 

You’ll be prompted to select a vehicle. Select the vehicle you will be driving. Once you select a vehicle, the “Go Online” button will turn into a green “Online” button to indicate that you are an active driver in the system. You can click on this button again when you want to go offline.

Step 4 - Accepting a New Trip

When a new trip comes into the system you will receive a notification. This notification is not a new trip assigned to you. It is there to let you know that there is a new trip in the system.

** The only way to accept a new trip is by selecting the small red box on the map and clicking “Accept”.

Step 5 - Navigate to the Pickup Location

After accepting a new trip, click on the blue navigation arrow on the bottom right side of the screen. This will navigate you to the pickup location of the passenger.

Step 6 - Picking up the Passenger

Once you arrive at the pickup location for the passenger go back to the Trip2 app. You can click the blue “Call” button to call the passenger to coordinate the pickup. 

If you cannot immediately find the passenger at the pickup location you must call them from the app. If the passenger does not answer or you cannot coordinate a pickup, you must call dispatch at (954) 713-7919 to help you locate the passenger

Dispatch can authorize a “no show” in the case the passenger doesn’t show up. You will be paid $4.25 for authorized no shows.

Step 7 - Navigate to Destination

Once the passenger is in the vehicle with you, press the green “Pickup” button to pickup the passenger.

After clicking the green “Pickup” button, click on the blue navigation button to navigate to the passengers drop-off destination. This will open the Google maps app to navigate you to the drop-off location.

Step 8 - Drop off passenger

Once you arrive at the drop-off location, open up the Trip2 app again and select the green “Drop-off” button. 

Step 9 - Complete Trip

After clicking the green “Drop-off” button. You’ll be prompted to take the passengers signature. At this point hand the phone over to the passenger to sign off on the trip.

Once you receive the passengers signature, rate the trip using the stars and click on the green “Complete Trip” button to complete the trip. After completing the trip you’ll become available again to accept new trips.

If you encounter any issues or bugs please call (954) 713-7919 and we’ll be happy to help you resolve them.