No-Show Policy for Drivers

As consideration for the driver's time and effort for driving to the passengers pickup location, we pay drivers $4.25 whenever a passenger is a no-show. Any cancellation fees you receive are added to your payout each week and shown on your payment summaries.

There are two types of scenarios in which a fee may be collected: passenger cancellations and no-shows. To cancel a ride due to a no-show you must comply with the following criteria:

Trip2 No-Show Criteria

The $4.25 no-show fees is applied if authorized by dispatch and the following criteria is met:

  • You've arrived at the pickup location
  • You've attempted to call the passenger to coordinate the pickup
  • You've contacted dispatch at (954) 713-7919 to inform them of the no-show
  • You've actively looked for the passenger for at least 5 minutes while on the phone with dispatch.

Once you complete the above criteria, dispatch will cancel the ride for you and authorize the $4.25 no-show fee to your account.