Required Documents to Become a Driver

Once you download and install the Trip2 app you can continue your application on the app. Need help installing the application? Read our step-by-step installation guide.

To complete your driver profile, you need:

A picture of your drivers license

You can take a picture of your drivers license right from the app using your smartphones camera, or you can upload a picture saved on your device.

A picture of your car insurance card

This picture can also be taken from your phone or uploaded from your device.

Pictures of your vehicle

We will need 4 pictures of your vehicle. A snap of the front, both sides and the rear. We use these pictures to help riders identify your car. Make sure they look nice!

A selfie

Last but not least we need a selfie of your beautiful face. This will be your profile image in the app as well as the image riders will see to identify you as their driver. Again, keep it classy!

Thats all the documentation we will need in order to complete you application. Not so fast though! Once all of this is submitted you will have to be screened by a recruiter and approved to drive before you can actually start accepting trips. Our recruiters will contact you via email to schedule a vehicle inspection.

Best of luck and see you on the road!

This For a more detailed list of all the requirements for Trip2 drivers.